Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

The Days Moon

Today I travelled from Stara Zagora to Sofia in Bulgaria.  We (me and my husband Mark) had been to Plovdiv for a day trip and then to Stara Zagora where I had a meeting as part of my fieldwork on Tuesday.  We took the bus to make our journey, these have been big hot coaches, small freezing mini coaches with euro pop radio to today’s mini bus here is what occurred to me in between finishing The Golden Notebook– which is amazing by the way.


When everyone boards the bus everyone sits still, up straight, tense almost, little noise or eye contact.  As the journey goes on the bus warms up and everyone melts a bit, relax into seats, conversation with strangers, music or books.  The men sat across the aisle from each other, legs spread out hands to hips, their bodies touch as they laugh and…

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