The stone forest of Varna or Pobiti Kamani

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Varna has a forest made of Stones. It is pretty unique and fairly odd to see.

It is about 15km from central Varna. My wife and I asked the hotel to get us a taxi there as there is no bus service there. Also as we are here off season there are no tourist trips running. Even the office at the site is locked up. our return taxi cost 45 leva return with an hours waiting time, minus the tip. This is around GBยฃ20. We tipped the taxi driver 20% and he seemed very happy.

It is a good place to visit, it’sย a bit like another planet. You could make a good sci-fi film there!

Finally it being a Bulgarian attraction it has stray dogs…

Here are some photos.

I also shot some video footage.