Balkan Cooking Class.

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Tonight my wife Sarah, myself and her two friends Jessica and Megan who are visiting us here for the weekend attended a Balkan cooking class which was run by Angel Dimitrov, I can highly recommend a trip to Angels school. The menu which we cooked was simple to follow and the resulting meal was excellent. The wine and rakia flowed freely we even had a traditional song played on the piano which stands in the dining room of the school by one of our fellow students.

The meal consisted of ……

To start we made Snezhanka or “Snow White” salad which is similar to the Greek Tzatziki this was accomponied by the traditional Bulgarian rarkia and ayran.

The main course was a chicken, bacon, gherkin and assorted other ingredients in a tomato sauce.

We finished the meal with pumpkin baked in milk and topped with cinnamon, honey and chopped walnuts.

Our instructor Angel was an excellent host and kept us all entertained with tale’s of his travels around the globe as a working chef.

Please visit the Balkan Cooking Class blog for details of how to register for a lesson.


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