monochrome mishaps..

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

I shot a roll of expired (dated jan 2000) Fomapan 100 black and white film on my Weltaflex TLR last week, I just got the negs back from the lab and have made some rudimentary scans. i don’t think I loaded the backing onto the spool properly as I have lost a couple of images and there is a bit of overlap on the frames. although this could also be due to the fomapan backing paper being very light weight. I will see if this is the problem when i get the transparencies and the other roll of fomapan I shot on Saturday consecutively to see if its my loading, the film or the camera…….. I also need to brush up on my metering. it seems I was a little under when I shot this lot. although to be fair I was guessing (same with the focus) still it’s fun using the camera and it makes a change from shooting on a DSLR.


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