Mount Vitosha and a TLR

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Mount Vitosha looked impressive today with some cloud coming in over it. sorry about the bad quality this was shot on my phone.

Mount Vitosha

anyone who regularly reads this blog will realize I love vintage cameras, and Sofia is a great place to pick up some great stuff (and some over priced rubbish). after reading the tlrgraphy blog the other day I was reminiscing about my old Mamiya C330 which I sold when I was a bit short on funds years ago. While I was out walking on Friday I went through the flea market in the park by the Aleksandar Nevski Cathedral which has become a favourite place to look at the assortment of vintage soviet ephemera which are displayed on the traders stalls. There is also a heap of N@zi stuff which is not of any interest to me apart from the Leica cameras but I don’t think I could ever own anything which has a sw@stika cast into it.

Anyway. I was looking on one particular stall, the one where I had purchased a lens previously. The vendor and his son who speaks superb English and is a very good salesman recognised me and was suggesting that I needed another 35mm range finder to go with the lens I had purchased. I told him I was more interested in the TLR cameras he had, I was looking at the various models he had mostly Lubitel’s of various ages and conditions. Although not expensive they were not what I was interested in. at the rear of the stall there was a Weltaflex 1956 model which looked similar in design to a Mamiyaflex 1 i had seen on the tlrgraphy blog. I had a closer look and i was sold on it. For a 56 year old camera it is in great condition and the optics are very nice. it even came with a leather case (which i had to stitch up as it had come apart at the seams).  I even got a light meter thrown in the sale.  I’m sure I paid over the odds for the camera (i paid £60 ish) by the prices here but it would have been a good price in the UK for a vintage TLR in such fine working order.

Thanks for looking!


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