Weekly Photo Challenge:Foreign

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Few things say foreign to me more than the worlds many varying currencies.

When me and my wife were on our honeymoon on the Trans-Mongolian railway we compared and swapped coins with a Siberian Russian man called Dennis who was great fun. none of us could speak each others language but with a bit of vodka some of Dennis’ special Lake Baikal smoked fish (tasted a bit like Kippers) we had a great 3 days and nights sharing a cabin.

also on that trip we experienced the Mongolian tögrög which you cannot officially enter or leave Mongolia with. although there are money exchange vendors who walk down the train with huge wads of notes just before you enter the country. they are apparently total rip off merchants on the exchange rates.

Above is a Photo of some Bulgarian LEV i have photoshopped the image slightly to make it a little more interesting.


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