A lovely day and night in Sofia.

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Me and my wife had a lovely day in Sofia today. we took a stroll around the city and did a bit of sight seeing, went to a flea market, had a lovely meal and watched the new James bond 007 film “Skyfall” which was really great (and Keith Duffy from Boyzone was in the cinema!).

We went to a restaurant called Olives, the food was pretty good (the salad was mainly raw cabbage and grated carrot), the service was very good, the portions were huge and the bill was tiny! (great beer too!)

found this badge in the flea market and i really liked it (my regular job is a press photographer and i was born in 1980) . it is about 4cm by 1.5cm

the LIVESTRONG bicycle i mentioned in my previous post has now been relegated from the shop front to a tree opposite the shop like a 2 wheeled lepper.

a couple more decorated boxes.

a very well protected key

it was a bit windy today and there was a shower of conkers in the park.

something was happening at the Cathedral today. lots of police and press there along with the church people.

i’m not sure what made the owner of this shop think that that image was the right one for the shop sign.


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