Film, Conkers, Kittens, Leaves and other stuff.

Friday, October 26th, 2012

After a couple of attempts at finding a shop that stocks 35mm film I have found a place that has a good selection. it is a little pricey but beggars can’t be choosers. the shop also does what looks like a decent development service which comes with a CD of images.

this is one of the 2 feral kittens which patrol the garden area out the front of our block. they are very cute and pretty friendly. although they probably have fleas and all sorts of diseases.

there are Conkers all over the place at the moment. a British schoolboys dream!

these buskers are usually at the Serdica Metro entrance they are pretty good. There are some amazing buskers in Sofia.


this is the subterranean fountain below the NDK. it needs a good clean. it smells like a swamp on a warm day.

this shoe shine guy does a good trade. he always seems to have a customer.

Some more fantastic street art. i think they should do this to all the traffic and phone control boxes in every city. it would make a change from crap tags.

i live the way this fountain looks in the autumn sunshine.

some more of the ducting sprouting out in the park.

i wonder where it goes???

some foliage.

and finally these are the post boxes in our apartment block. we have no idea which is ours.



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