One last camera, pavements and tower blocks

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

So today i while i was out i decided to visit the vintage shop where i purchased the FED 2 camera last week, just to have another look as my wife’s cousin Nick had asked if i could find him a similar camera. when i went in the shop the woman instantly recognised me and went to get her husband who also works in the shop and speaks great English. He said hello and asked if i bought the FED 2 last week (i thought i was in for trouble maybe i hadn’t been charged enough?) i said yes and the reply i got surprised me. he said he was really sorry but they had forgotten to give me the case for the camera. he then after disappearing behind a curtain produced the case. i was really quite taken back and after thanking them both i asked if they had any more FED cameras as i was looking for another for a family member. again he disappeared behind the curtain and reappeared with a Kiev range-finder. He said it wasn’t as good as the FED but it worked apart from the timer.


as i have experienced with most of the vintage/antique/junk shops i have looked in around Sofia they are pretty honest and pleased to have you look and inspect things. i asked the fellow how much he wanted for it and he said 25lev and i said yes straight away. i couldn’t really haggle after he had given me the case for the FED. he also gave me his email address and said if i wanted any more to email him and he would send photos and details of anything he came across. they have an store if anyone out there wants anything CLICK HERE to look at their store. i actually prefer the Kiev to use so Nick gets the FED.



my post yesterday contained a picture of some Roman ruins, a friend made a comment to me that he didn’t think much of the pavement in the photo as a joke. i told him the current pavements weren’t much better this is an average pavement surface in Sofia. i say average as some are much worse and some are better. one thing i have learned to do while i have been here is look where I’m walking. in London any difference in the level of the footpath over 3cm is regarded as dangerous and generally fixed before anyone falls over and sues the local council. in Sofia as far as i can tell there is no such rule. there are literally man hole covers sticking 10-15cm proud of the pavement and potholes everywhere. Now please don’t take this as a complaint. i don’t actually mind it. i think the UK has gone health and safety mad and its refreshing to not be nannied constantly. sorry rant over. πŸ™‚

Tower blocks.


This tower block reminds me of home. its similar to the Heygate Estate at elephant and castle which is near our flat in Camberwell.


I thought it looked nice with the autumn foliage in front of it.


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