more photos and some interesting things.

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

the past few days have been interesting. i have been exploring Sofia on foot and have found some great places and seen some really interesting things.

such as…


this is a Chupa-Chups mural. they sponsor the school basketball nets too. i wonder if they sponsor the dentists?


this cool sculpture is at the beginning of a pedestrianised shopping street. There are loads of really good pieces of sculpture in Sofia.


this place has some amazing art nouveau iron work going to waste it would make an amazing jazz club!


Random John Lennon casting on a wall.


nice bit of graffiti.


people in Sofia really make the most of the parks and open spaces in the city. there is a lot of sitting on benches in parks and lots of activities like this chess game. there are usually several games going on in the park. card games are popular too.


there are also people plying their trades in the parks. this guy is offering lighter re-fills and watch strap and battery replacements.


there are also people selling stuff they have grown. this woman was selling herbs and what looked like dried beans.


there are some really good places to eat in Sofia, it’s also really really good value for money. the other night we went to Boom!




and Steaks. Great place, good prices although probably more than the usual Bulgarian eatery. it felt like a place you might find in London. really well cooked food though.


on another note (get it?) i have purchased an acoustic guitar, i thought being as I’m not working i should improve my fairly basic standard of playing. I got a pretty good price from one of the “antique” shops i have found. I paid 40 lev which is just under ยฃ20 and got this thrown in………..


i think the guy was having trouble getting rid of it. (who wants a second hand harmonica) i gave it a good clean and a wash with boiling water and guess what….. it doesn’t work properly. However the guitar is really good. i didn’t even have to tune it when i picked it up. it had dropped a semitone but was still perfectly in tune. I have since put a new set of strings on which has improved it even more. it has a lovely tone. i will be sad to leave it here when we leave but i have already decided to give it to one of the many buskers who play in the parks and by the metro station entrances, it’s a shame there are not more buskers in London these days. a little music brightens up a walk or a commute. we saw a guy in the park playing a full set of electronic drums along to guns and roses today. he wasn’t very good but that’s not the point. he was having a great time and there were a few people watching.


as i mentioned before there are a few “antique” shops dotted around. They have mainly bric-a-brac in them, much of it old Soviet and Nazi relics from WW1 & 2 also quite a few pocket watches and wrist watches. some other tin toys and Russian cameras as above. this FED 2 cost me 30 lev (ยฃ15ish) and its in really good working condition. although not worth much more than i paid for it, it’s such a well made camera it’s a pleasure to use and it’s good to brush up on actually using a totally manual camera.


Finally, this is the Bulgarian aperitif of choice, Grappa. this is a particularly cheap bottle at 5.99 lev (ยฃ2.80) but it is actually pretty good.

Nazdrave (good health)


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